What Can Green Globes Do for You?



The Green Building Initiative (GBI) was founded in 2005, with a mission to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings. They achieve this by promoting credible and practical green building approaches for New Construction (NC), Existing Buildings (EB) and Sustainable Interiors (SI).

The Green Globes system was promoted in the United States by the GBI.

Green Globes is a green building management tool that includes an assessment protocol, a rating system, and a framework of guidance for integrating environmentally friendly design and operation into buildings.

Clients of JL Architects who want to participate in energy savings, costs cutting, and protection of the environment may choose the Green Globes rating and assessment system to benchmark their buildings. Use of the Green Globes tools will help identify effective design elements in new construction and help evaluate existing buildings to improve their current operations. Both methods contribute to the improvement of a building’s performance over time.

The Green Globes third party assessment reports of your new construction project can be shared with all stakeholders to demonstrate a commitment to the environment, as well as provide a process to develop awareness and encourage dialog for solutions that include not just the project team, but the whole community.

Many projects lend themselves naturally to sustainable site selection, community connectivity, alternative transportation, storm water quantity, and quality control opportunities for greater innovation in green design.  Criterion found within Green Globes allows building owners to measure these areas for effectiveness and determine if modifications make sense for a more energy efficient future.

Posting Green Globes status summaries on your website will educate, while also prompting discussion and research among your stakeholders.

Below are some of the 2017 projects that JL Architects has led through the Green Globes assessment process. Stay tuned for future JLA presentations where we share the benefits that sustainability initiatives have made in building design, function, and energy reduction.


Barbara A.W. Clarke, AIA, LEED AP, GGP, GPCP, GGA

Director of Sustainability

JL Architects1

*NC – Main Line Health Fitness & Wellness Center, Concordville, PA – 2017: 2 Green Globes


***EB – Grant Street Station, West Lafayette, IN – 2017: 2 Green Globes


***EB – South Street Station, West Lafayette, IN – 2017: 2 Green Globes


*NC – Alexander Pointe Apartments, Mebane, NC – 2017: 1 Green Globe


***EB – Mountain Valley Apartments, Morgantown, WV – 2017: 1 Green Globe


***EB – Village Green, Littleton, MA – 2017: 2 Green Globes


***EB – Novus Odenton, Odenton, MD – 2017: 2 Green Globes


*NC – Skye Apartments, Vista Ridge, CA – 2017: 3 Green Globes


**SI – Drexel University, Bossone Research Enterprise Center – 2017: 3 Green Globes


*NC = new construction

**SI = sustainable interiors

***EB = existing building