Welcome Nital Churi

Nital 1

JL Architects is excited to announce the addition of Nital Churi to our very talented design team!  Nital adds a creative and unique perspective to our projects and loves to incorporate the latest trends and materials into her designs.  Architecture is a field that is constantly evolving and progressing. Nital enjoys learning about the newest technologies and building systems and is committed to providing our clients with designs that best meet their needs.

Nital grew up in India where art was very prevalent in her family.  Her father is an artist and Nital grew up surrounded by beautiful paintings and artwork.  Her own love of painting derived from this exposure which eventually led to her fascination with architecture.  Nital began her studies in architecture at Mumbai University, where she received her bachelor’s degree.  Her younger brother followed in her footsteps and he too pursued a career in architecture and is now an architect in India.  After getting married, Nital moved to the United States and continued her studies at Philadelphia University.  There she earned her master’s degree in construction management and focused on sustainable architecture.  Nital is currently working towards becoming a licensed architect and plans to become LEED and Green Globes certified so she can continue with her interest in designing energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

Growing up in India, Nital was able to see and experience first-hand, the beautiful architecture of the country.  She is particularly inspired by Māru-Gurjara architecture, also known as Rajasthan architecture.   Māru-Gurjara architecture originated in the sixth century in and around areas of the state of Rajasthan in India. Māru-Gurjara architecture is a combination of colonial, Islamic, and Hindu architecture marked by ornamental Havelis, elaborately carved temples, and magnificent forts.

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In her free time, Nital loves to paint, a passion she inherited from her father.  She also loves cooking delicious meals and desserts, especially pineapple cake and Indian curries (yummy!).  Nital also enjoys traveling all over the world.  Her favorite places are Rajasthan in India, the Bahamas, and Colorado.  Nital lives in Delaware with her husband and beautiful daughter.

The JL Architects team is so happy to have Nital on board!


-Amy Estrella

Photo Credit:  Jain temple at Ranakpur