Using Technology in Project Management

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Technology continues to expand and evolve, changing the way we do things as architects. As the industry had to become comfortable with virtual meetings and screen sharing in 2020, we have seen a change in how projects are now coordinated and managed. In some locations, construction inspections are still virtual, and we wonder if this too may become permanent.

How Will this Benefit our Clients in the Construction Phase of Their Project?

Coordination Prior to Permit Drawings: When you are working with a contractor on a project in a distant location, there is always the challenge of issues arising that need to be resolved. From showing pictures or video of a hidden condition on a project, to verifying various aspects of the material finishes, technology has improved RFI (Request for Information) submittal quality.  With the supply chain and lead times being an issue in construction today, the less back and forth conversation to gain understanding and to get to permit, the better!

Coordination Calls with Building Plans Shared on your Screen:  We have had calls with clients, project engineers and contractors where a coordination item needs to be discussed. When using a screen sharing program, we can proceed quickly to show the options and getting the construction documents updated to not delay projects. This also helps to verify dimensions that are vital to laying foundations and where to take penetrations off during a project.

Technology has made coordinating projects easier and less prone to errors including missing data, miscommunication, inconsistent documents, inexperienced personnel, mistakes in resource allocation, etc.  Going from the 2D paper world to the 3D world of a screen share allows for fewer change orders, and better coordination. Something good has come from 2020!

-Alex Schleicher, Architectural Designer and Project Manager