Urban Redevelopment- From Retail to Mixed Use

M.S Yearsley and Sons, a True Value hardware store and John Deere franchise opened in 1917 and served the West Chester community from a series of attached 19th century buildings. In 2006 they relocated and the real estate was purchased for redevelopment. This project is a reflection of JL Architects history in mixed -use and infill projects. Today, the site is home to 88 apartments, over 20,000 sf of ground floor retail and restaurants, and over 100 off-street parking spaces.
To achieve that density and increased value, JL Architects supported the team in obtaining zoning changes and adjustments, Historic Review Board approval and the blessing of the community. Those efforts resulted in a site density increase of 100% over its prior allowance.
Our support came in the form of building and zoning code research and analysis, master planning, feasibility studies, sun studies, and expert witness testimony.
The property is now owned and managed by Hankin Group and was constructed by Pancoast and Clifford.