Transitioning Out of a Pandemic

Transitioning Out of a Pendemic -1

The world has been transformed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all probably tired of hearing the C-word.  What many aspire to hear is a discussion of returning to normalcy. To reach normalcy we will need to leave the times of Stay-at-home orders and move into a transition period.  What will these times of transition look like?  Will they feel like normalcy and remain indefinitely, or simply being a steppingstone to what was once normal?  At this point we don’t really know!  The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has offered their ideas to move forward in the retail world.  A hierarchy of effective ways to control the spread of the virus have been developed.  At the top is obviously social isolation, but other effective means can be physical barriers and ventilation.

Individuals in the real estate and architecture industries speculate that demand for gyms and workout class boutiques will bounce back aggressively.  This type of occupancy presents several challenges to reopening.  The proximity of equipment from each other, individuals breathing heavily, and perspiration.  Not to mention the socialization aspect of the occupancy.  JL Architects can assist in new space planning and occupancy guidelines allowing you to keep your customers safe in an efficient and still profitable manner.

The AIA has assembled a Re-occupancy Assessment Tool that can be used in preparing your business to welcome back customers and/or employees.  The tool identifies desirable and essential categories for each item.  Contact us at JL Architects and we can help integrate these changes effectively with your company’s efficiency in mind.

Transitioning Out of a Pendemic -2

-Nathan Houser, Architectural Project Manager

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