The Importance of Submittals During the Construction Phase of a Project


Submittals are shop drawings, product data, samples and mock-ups delivered to the design professional for review. Submittals allow the design professional to review the items going into the building and allow for changes due to lead times. Managing construction submittals determines the success of the proposed timeline, the line items in the budget, and the accuracy of a completed project.

Submittals should have a large degree of clarity in what they are showing. If they are not clear, then there are potential issues that could come up during construction. If a millwork submittal was submitted and approved with incorrect information, then there could be possible issues later such as ADA compliance leading to a lawsuit.

Submittals affect the timeline of a project. When the specified equipment has a long lead time there could be delays in the project or added expense to switch to an alternative solution.

Submittals prevent change orders due to various concerns and challenges getting addressed earlier in the project.

In summary, submittals are an important part of the construction management, allowing for clarity in design, timelines met, and cost changes minimal.

-Alex Schleicher, Architectural Designer