The Importance of Site Surveys


When starting a project, the first step is to schedule a site survey to view the space, take measurements, locate all necessary mechanical equipment, and identify as-built conditions. We have a variety of survey equipment that we will use.

When starting a survey, we will walk through the space to make sure we have access to the entire building we need to survey. We then draw the space to create a plan for recording our measurements on. Once we have a plan then it is time to get the most important measurements. The overall measurements will help us the most when making sure every dimension lines up. Once that is completed and all other dimensions add up, we will scan and take pictures of the space for future reference.

Hidden Conditions:
One of the difficulties with site surveys is showing hidden conditions. Sometimes there are furred out walls that hide columns, important utilities and even sections of the space. When drawing we mark down potential conditions that could cause issues.

Tools we Use:
We have several tools from simple tape measures to more complex 3D scanning capabilities. When we do on-site surveys, we use a combination of techniques to make sure we are accurate in all measurements. The Disto laser is our preferred tool to get measurements of space. We also use the Matterport scanner to capture both a 360-degree image and a point cloud which helps us show every angle of the surveyed space.

In summary, surveying allows us to gather all necessary information from the current building site to efficiently and accurately create a newly designed space that will work within the confines of the As- Built space! Reach out to JL Architects to learn how we can help you with re-purposing your building.

-Alex Schleicher, Architectural Designer