The Growth of Franchising in 2023

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Over the past year, JL Architects has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of projects we are developing for franchise groups, particularly in our food and beverage vertical. As a firm that has long been immersed in restaurant and QSR (quick service restaurant) verticals, we recognized that something was cooking! Our observations were recently proven in this recent article in QSR Magazine.

Franchising is just as vital a tool for business expansion as it is an investment. Today we are going to discuss why franchising exists, the benefits of a owning a franchise, and how JL Architects can help you on your path.

The History of Franchising:
• Historically speaking, franchising has allowed workers to buy and start their own business with the support of a recognized brand and the experience of others behind them.
• It is believed that franchising in the United States started around 1731 in Philadelphia when Benjamin Franklin and his journeyman, Thomas Whitmarsh entered an agreement for Business of Printing in Charleston, South Carolina.
• Franchising was key to further development during the Industrial Revolution in the United States. The automotive industry was built on franchises.
• Restaurant franchising was started in the 1930’s and 1940’s by names like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Carvel Ice-cream, and Dairy Queen.
• Franchising exploded after WWII due to the Lanham Act of 1946. This allowed for the protection of a trademark that identifies and distinguishes a good or service from its competitors.

The Benefits of Franchises:
• Often, little industry experience is required to enter the market and buy a franchise
• It can be a lower risk then starting your own business since you have the track record and guidance of a proven brand standing behind you.
• It is a great way to expand your business with low capital requirements.
• The franchise buyer usually has established branding and advertising to help in the entrance to new markets.

How JL Architects can help your franchise:
• JL Architects is licensed to practice architecture in 42 states. We go where you go!
• JL Architects has 35 years of experience managing brand protypes, and projects
• JL Architects has experience managing every aspect of a project from site selection, entitlements and permitting, design development, construction documents, to construction administration
• National brand clients include Starbucks (over 800 stores), Taco Bell, Tommy’s Car Wash, Urgent Care chains, Child-care chains, etc., etc.

How can JL Architects help you achieve your franchise dreams? Reach out here

-Nate Houser, Project Manager for Food & Beverage