The Future is Here!

A swaggy group

I am pleased and proud to announce the acquisition of JL Architects to PM Design Group. In 1988 JL Architects was founded with the first client being Wall to Wall Sound and Video in the Whiteland Town Center in Exton, PA. They became a steady client that led to others – Thrift Drug, Blockbuster, KMart, Starbucks, Joe’s Crab Shack, Zoës Mediterranean Grill, RJP Consulting Group, LLC, Airbase-Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart, Family Dollar, Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, Panda Restaurant Group, and so many, many more.

We have also been privileged to work with local businesses, developers and property owners on their physical growth and expansion projects.

Our team members that have included valuable staff, consultants, contractors, designers are too numerous to mention here – I do hope you know who you are.

We went from an age where CAD was in its infancy to a team with strong proficiency in Revit for 3D design, Enscape and Adobe Creative for advanced rendering, and cloudpoint for scanning and surveying.

As the future moves on, I am grateful for the bright future the JL team has with PM Design Group, Inc. And, I am eternally grateful to all that played a role over the last 35 years in the success of JLArchitects.

Thank you to all!
John Lister, Principal, JL Architects