Succeeding in Architecture


As a recent architecture graduate and aspiring architect, I have learned that one never truly walks away from the classroom, and that to succeed in architecture, one must continually pursue learning and growth.

Here are my insights as I finish my first 6 months as a full-time designer just out of college:

1. Technology is one of the most continually expanding and changing aspects within the profession of architecture. Our primary drafting software, Revit, has meaningful updates every year, allowing us to create adaptive and accurate models and drawing in real time.

2. Understanding building codes is crucial for the success of a project. Designing for various clients in various municipalities and geographic regions, we must be well educated and understand that each project may have different codes that apply to it.

3. Building relationships is just as important as creating beautiful architecture/designs. Our clients need to know they are being heard, and that we are designing for them, not us. The integrity and accuracy of our work is of utmost importance.

Committing to your continued learning as an architect is what will ensure your client’s project success, your firm’s success, and your success as a professional.

-Franklin Rodriguez, Architectural Designer