Seeing your Design Project in Real Time 3D

Seeing Your Project in 3D Real Time

The digital age has enabled us as architects to present 3-dimensional project plans to our clients. This is allowing everyone from the design team – to the client – to zoning boards to have a greater vision of the outcome.

As the pandemic raged on, it became commonplace for us to present our client’s design progress in a virtual meeting.  Adopted technology now enables us to show a model from every angle instead of just two or three still visuals. With using real time rendering capabilities when discussing your project, we can change materials and building elements as they are discussed. Working with your immediate feedback is allowing your project to progress immediately, saving time and revisions down the line.

Design is an iterative process, and we are finding real time rendering to be an effective method of presenting and discussing design development, especially when there are many stakeholders, and those stakeholders are all in different locales.  Gone may be the days of flights, hotels, and conference rooms pouring over rolls of drawings or even the big screen, when we can all just log in to our computer.

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-Alex Schleicher, Architectural Designer and Rendering Guru