Return to Work and the Importance of Physical Space


As we transition back to the office post Covid, the list of sought-after office amenities continues to grow. These amenities are one of the best ways to attract back your staff and attract new tenants and businesses to your site.

Here are Some Ideas!

1. Open areas and shared community space that encourage human interaction will be appreciated. People are ready to get back to life, back to in person meetings and events.
2. Green – energy efficiency, green rooftops, living walls are just some ways people will feel that both they and their environment are being cared for.
3. Walkability and easy access remain important. Access to major roads, food, errands etc. People now desire a shorter commute, and more businesses are moving to the suburbs as a result.
4. Places for employees to socialize and unwind during their breaks and at the end of the day. Is there a favorite activity that your office enjoys? Our office regularly plays Jenga while others may enjoy having foosball and ping pong tables in their offices.

These ideas begin to cover what we need in our lives: community, a proper workspace, and the recognition of the importance of relaxation and wellness. Each company has its own culture and aspiration, which is the starting point for creating your unique physical environment. Let us know how we can help guide you!

-Alex Schleicher, Project manager