Working in a design field can be very stressful at times.  Sometimes it’s the never-ending project that you have been staring at for years, but always seems to be behind schedule on.  Other times it’s the feast or fathom analogy where you were just given more projects than you can count on one hand with parallel deadlines.  No matter how the situation was created, the same feeling of drowning in work seems to creep into your psyche.  There are times when you just need to put your head down and drive through the pile of work, but there are often ways to help prevent this, or certainly assist in easing the process.

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Time management is crucial with so many things that occur in life.  Now there are individuals that can get to the finish line next to you while living in a heap of clutter and chaos, but if you’re not one of them here are some ways to make the grade.
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What Happened Last Time? When approaching prior obstacles, run through the entire process from the last venture.  Think about actions that delayed the process, what portions took longer than others, and what occurred unexpectedly.

Define the Process – Take those items from the last topic and dismantle them until you find the piece that needs correcting.  Operating on a new plan or part does not always correct the problem, but will often provide the confidence to see it through.

 Design Your Time –  Build your plan.  This is the “structure” that will support your success.  Each phase or “member” needs time allotted for it, and the more precise you are with this time determines your success.  It is always easier to complete in less time than to make up time, please keep this in mind.

Start Up Your Engines – Prepare to see the plan through. Motivate yourself and anyone involved in this venture. Review the plan one last time, to be sure nothing you are aware of has been overlooked.  There will always be new obstacles, that’s half the thrill and half the headache.

Maintain Your Brains – If your head is strong you will accomplish your goal.  Do not change your daily habits due to a heavy schedule and stress level.  Maintaining daily habits stimulates your mind and body, which is a necessity when performing difficult tasks, think of this like maintaining a bike or car.  This enables you stay on track, and gives confidence to your teammates. Perhaps, it even creates good karma, depending on how you perceive it.

Celebrate – When the end has come, live it up!  Win or lose, celebrate the achievement of completion.  Congratulate individuals for their team efforts and personal accomplishments. Explore the accomplishment, and never let negative vibes be part of the result.

Keep On Truckin – Through this process be sure to track your data against your designed projections.  Analyze, and compare it to past projects.  Look for areas of strength and weakness.  Whether you gloriously completed your goal or devastatingly failed, consider your lessons learned  and prep for what is next.  Your learning, growing and planning never ceases.

How can JL Architects facilitate your aspirations becoming your accomplishments?

-Nathan Houser