Starbucks at the CIA Headquarters

Langley, VA

Retail fit out

Over a long relationship JLA has completed over 800 projects for Starbucks Coffee Company in 15 states. Those projects included company locations and business alliance locations. They were as varied as Times Square, Union Station, Minot, North Dakota and a cruise ship.  The most interesting would have to be the kiosk in Langley, Virginia at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters.   Our first task on any project is to understand our surroundings, this is especially true for a kiosk. What do you do if the client does not allow photos, cell phones or video?  Take lots and lots of notes.

The project was a success. The kiosk has appeared in TV shows and movies.  It was recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal.  JLA takes pride in being a part of the support of our country’s intelligence agencies and security. Services: retail, roll-out, restaurant, food service, locations that need special consideration, surveying,