Office Communication


An important concept within architecture is the push for clear and consistent communication in the office.

As an architect you must look towards being fluent in direct communication within your office. Learning to discuss your ideas with others makes the process of creating the project more efficient and stable. Not only is communicating ideas important but being able to have an environment where all co-workers can communicate is vital for the workplace. Building the environment of healthy communication with co-workers helps increase productivity as well as knowledge. Many offices focus on the enclosed cubicles design for their spaces, but it is evident that a more open design of the office space allows for both greater growth and communication.

Here at JLA, we are focused on developing and proper communication within our office and with that we have an open studio design workspace that allows for that to happen. Our office is very close, and we are able to ask questions and talk effectively while working on projects small or big.

Why does this matter?
Being able to do amazing things as a designer is almost useless if you can not communicate your ideas properly to those you work with or even clients. The best teams succeed within this profession and although there may be great individual ideas, the best team with the most effective practices will grow.

-Franklin Rodriguez