New Household Products Respond in the Age of COVID


Our local Delta rep from Rich Tompkins Company recently introduced our JL team to new technologies that are becoming quite popular with homeowners and multi-family developers as we continue to navigate a new, cautious way of life during a global pandemic.

Delta® offers an array of solutions for multi-family, residential, and light commercial needs.   Their Touch2O® Technology faucets are a convenient, innovative way to curb the spread of germs while washing your hands. Touch2O® Technology starts water flowing at the temperature your faucet is set to, with a simple tap anywhere on the spout or handle.  You can even use the back of your hand or your elbow to start the water flow, thus eliminating the spread of germs from your fingers.  The faucet features an LED display which provides a digital readout of the water temperature accompanied by a blue, magenta, or red background, so you know when it’s safe to reach your hands under the water flow.

Touch2O.xt ™ Technology is another smart solution for keeping the spread of germs at bay.  Simply touch it on or go hands free.  Touch20.xt ™ starts the water flow when hands get within four inches of the fixture and stops the water when hands are removed.  The high-tech sensing capabilities of Touch2O.xt™ faucets allow the flow of water to be activated anywhere around the device, unlike traditional hands-free infrared sensors which require your hands be in a particular place and are sensitive to lighting conditions and clothing and skin color.  Delta® also offers electronic soap dispensers with Touch2O.xt ™ Technology.  This completely touchless solution is the perfect response to our current COVID climate.

In addition to the Touch2O® Technology, Voice IQ ™ pairs with your connected home device to give you exactly the amount of water you need with features like metered dispensing and custom container commands.  It allows you to turn your faucet on and off using the voice commands “Ask Delta® to turn on” and “Ask Delta® to turn off”, thus eliminating the need to touch the faucet with dirty hands.

Good hygiene is more important than ever before and with new products and technologies, we can begin to adapt our everyday environments to make them safer and healthier.  JL Architects can help design your multi-family space, while incorporating products like these to meet your needs.