Managing your Leasable Space through a Master Model


One of the services we provide at JL architects is the creation of a master model.  So, what is a master model? It is a digital representation of a multi-tenant space which can be updated each time a tenant space is turned over.

What is Your Benefit?

  1. Keeps a living record of your building. The more information collected on the building, the less time it takes to get a LOD when you need one. This holistic view of your property allows your design professional to offer best options for your tenants.
  2. With master models, we can demise the building however you need. Once the building is surveyed the first time, spaces can expand and contract as needed, and can be combined in any configuration possible. This allows for maximum flexibility when wanting to do tenant fit outs.
  3. Site visits: the master model will cut down on site visits, speed up production time, and complete your leases faster. While a site visit is required to create the model, it is not going to be needed for each new LOD.

Using JL’s Master Models gives you the opportunity to own accurate drawings, allowing for creative space planning in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It works equally well for your shopping center, your office building, or your lab space. Let us know how we can help you!

-Alex Schleicher, Project Manager