How Will Demountable Walls Benefit Your Office?

Demountable Walls

As most people know, big changes are happening in the office space due to the pandemic. What does that mean for corporate interior projects? As more people include working from home in their weekly schedule, offices are not holding as many people at one time as they previously were. This can lead to empty desks and underutilized space. With demountable partition walls, an office can easily adapt to the changing needs of the company that occupies it.

JL Architects has enjoyed learning from COFCO and Allsteel about how they can accommodate the everchanging needs of our clients. Their demountable partition walls run along a track attached to the floor and/or ceiling. Solid, glass, and acoustical panels are placed within the tracks and can be removed and replaced easily. The versatility and flexibility of demountable walls allows companies to change their interior layout from individual offices into a conference room or a break room into a flex space, all over one weekend or even over one night! Panel options include material type, color, mullion and track profile, door frame profile, and door type. This creates opportunities for companies to easily upgrade their appearance and provide attractive functional space that will help draw staff back to the office.

Customizing your office space has never been easier than with demountable walls. The freedom to change interior layouts to fit the needs of companies and their employees will be an advantage for the corporate world, now and into the future.

-Sydney Hitchens, Architectural Designer