How does 3D Scanning Technology Benefit your Project?


What is 3D Scanning Technology?

3D scanning technology is the future of visualizing spaces. It allows you, your AEC team, and your projects stakeholders to see the property with a press of a button. Using a camera, panoramic views are created and linked together to create a walkthrough of the scanned space. This technology can be used in many fields, such as real estate, engineering, and architecture.

What can 3D Scanning Technology Do?

When it comes to 3D scanning technology, there are many opportunities to make any project more successful. This technology allows one to scan a space, upload it onto a server and send a 3D model within hours. Within the 3D model, one can walk through a space to better understand it’s scale, feeling, and spatial connection. One can also retrieve floor plans, ceiling plans, measurements and connect to virtual reality equipment. The 3D model created can be placed into any compatible 3D modeling software for easy reference of various modeling elements.

How can JL Architects and 3D Scanning Technology Benefit your Next Project?

JL Architects is trained to use 3D scanning technology cameras to create clear, accurate, and easily navigable 3D models. Using this technology, we can capture every inch of an existing building and communicate those elements to the project’s team throughout the project duration. We also use this technology to reference the existing building when questions may arise. It helps cut down on our production time and provides us with an ease of mind that we captured everything that may be useful for the project’s success. 3D scanning is another tool that technology has given us as architects allowing for greater efficiency and setting the project team up for success. Reach out to learn more here,