Greater West Chester Area Moves Ahead with Renewable Energy Plans

Renewable Energy

The West Chester Area Council of Governments (WCACOG) consists of elected officials from 7 municipalities: East Bradford, East Goshen, Thornbury, West Chester, West Goshen, West Whiteland, and Westtown which make up a total population of about 100,000. These Southeastern PA municipalities have adopted the goals of achieving 100% renewable energy electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for all uses, including heat, transportation, and powerplants, by 2050.  The WCACOG has hired Cadmus, a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in regional energy planning, to provide a customized Energy Transition Plan that includes an understanding of the context and conditions in southeastern Pennsylvania.

WCACOG recently held its first public meeting to create the path forward in achieving their municipalities’ energy goals.  Attendees met with representatives from Cadmus to ask questions and provide the local input needed to envision success, set priorities, and anticipate obstacles as the region transitions to clean, renewable energy.

Consideration of the economic, political, and social context of the region will create an equitable and inclusive energy transition plan.  Preferences and common barriers shared by the seven communities are being identified. In addition, each municipality will have the opportunity to work individually with Cadmus to convey their specific goals such as reducing energy costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthening local economic development.

JL Architects is excited to be based in one of the 7 WCACOG communities that is moving towards 100% sustainable energy.  As an architecture firm and community member, we are committed to clean, renewable energy and have worked on many sustainable projects.  Our firm’s principal, John Lister, is a member of Green Building Initiative’s  Board of Directors and project manager, Kipp Happ, sits on the East Goshen Township Sustainability Advisory Committee.  If you need help designing your sustainable project, call the experts at JLA.


Photo Credit: Smart Energy