Getting Your Building Project Approved

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Virtually every municipality has Zoning and Land Development Departments.  These departments are in place to regulate the changes over time and oversee the masterplan in place.  Beyond these departments some towns have specific boards that are of significance to the town’s heritage or fabric.  Our community of West Chester Borough has the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB).  Their duties are to advise Borough Council on applications to demolish, renovate and alter buildings in the Borough’s Historic District.  These Boards typically consist of one or two professionals of the industry (Architects) and several individuals from the community appointed by their peers.  These boards are in a sense the preservationists of our town, because they vote on what can be altered and what the proposed construction looks like.

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JL Architects is involved with many of these approval processes annually.  Whether it’s the review of a 5 sq. ft. sign or the façade of a 300-room hotel, JL Architects is experienced at this process. We seek the solution satisfying our clients’ design intentions while appeasing the town’s historic fabric. Let us help you transition into today’s thriving business markets, while maintaining the integrity of our past.

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-Nate Houser

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