Finding Your Purpose in Color When Designing Your Restaurant

Restaurant Color

The colors in your favorite restaurant may seem “themed” at first glance, but after reading this blog you may see a design intent at work.

When choosing the colors for your restaurant, consider how color is broken into 3 categories: robust stimulants, slight stimulants, and suppressants. Let’s look at each category and how it will impact your desired dining experience.

Robust Stimulants Red, Orange, Yellow

    • Red raises blood pressure, heart rate, which raises appetite levels.
    • Orange raises mental activity, and feelings of warmth or comfort, soothing the customer during the dining experience.
    • Yellow exudes happiness, which makes your brain release serotonin in anticipation of eating food.

Slight Stimulants Green, Turquoise

    • Green and Turquoise evoke feelings of health, sustainability, and abundance.

Suppressants Gray, Black, Brown, Purple, Blue

    • Gray and Black deters an individual from thinking about eating.
    • Brown brings to the mind overdone or spoiled food.
    • Purple is associated with unpopular food.
    • Blue is calming and induces sleep.

Take this food for thought and observe your next dining experience. Then reach out to JL Architects and ask us how we can help you define your brand through design.

-Nate Houser, Architectural Designer, and Restaurant Guru