Finding Restaurant Success in Today’s Market

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Are you a restaurant owner searching for ways to keep your business afloat? In today’s hospitality market changes are necessary to stay profitable and keep customers coming back. Below are trending solutions to a market that has evolved to meet the needs of Covid and the demands of your targeted customer.

Transformational Success
• Generation Z wants customization to be the norm
• Menus that allow for add-ons and sides are gaining in popularity. Options are desired and the additional cost to the customer is tolerated.
• The customization available through online or kiosk ordering allows the customer to create exactly what they want, whether that is healthy and organic or sweet and savory.
• 3rd party delivery is still crushing it.

Help Wanted!
• This industry is struggling to fill all positions in the back of house. The key to success with limited help is to find the best and treat them the best. Offer them a competitive wage, and health benefits to long tenure employees.
• Remove the traditional cookline with a person at each station. Fold in the cookline so multiple stations are accessible to one person without having to leave their designated area of work.
• Robotics can help fill staffing shortages when needed. They can also help preserve inventory with exact portioning and track current inventory.
• Lowering overhead is key. If you find a smaller kitchen is working for you maybe you can relocate to a smaller footprint and a smaller monthly lease.

Be a Part of your Community
• Participate in community events. Exposure is key to the reoccurring customer within a specific radius of your business.
• Many communities are trying help the local business and economies by closing streets to allow business to expand their footprints. Make your business the one everyone is curious about. This can be done by design and by gesture.

In summary the good news is dining out is in again. The even better news is there are new ways to create success with less. If you would like assistance in the design process of a compressed kitchen or that ideal space you just leased, contact us here at JL Architects. Our 30+ years of expertise in restaurant design can help your dream become your success.

-Nate Houser