Environmentally Friendly Multi-Family Fights Suburban Sprawl

In today’s environment, multifamily is one of the most active construction sectors.  Moving out of urban centers to find space and affordable housing has become even more desirable during the current age of COVID, yet it is also often associated with the negative connotations of suburban sprawl.  Our JL video above shares a recent case study of the developing ideas and approvals for a suburban multifamily site. With JL Architects’ help, what was thought to be a potential 60 apartment property turned into over 220 units. Located outside of Philadelphia, it is suburban without negatively impacting the environment and social fabric of the area.

We are proud of our teams vision, commitment and skill that will lead to a new, attractive, centrally located apartment development with great amenities and connectivity that will also be certified by a nationally recognized sustainability protocol, Green Globes or LEED.