Developing and Maintaining a Client Specific Revit Library

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No two projects are ever the same.  At JL Architects, we have the privilege of repeat business with many of our clients, with some of that business being multiple locations of a similar project type or prototype.  Even though the type of use and function are the same, there are always differences to each project beyond fitting the square peg in the round opening.

When creating a schematic layout of space, the program needs may or may not already be defined.  Either way, the design develops over time through working with you, our client.  When working on a single project, this process starts from scratch each time.  When working on multiple locations for the same client, the process is streamlined on the second, third, and fourth project.  Design options are explored for each project, and ultimately there are elements that are used more frequently than others that become the standard.  Whether you already have project standards, or we create and update them along the way, all variations will be saved for use on the next project, resulting in a working library of options.  Having the ability to drag and drop from this library leads to faster layouts, consistent detailing of standard elements, and a tighter project timeline.

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Why reinvent the wheel every time?  Let us use our technical skills and roll-out knowledge so that you receive progress drawings faster and know what to expect from a final drawing set. From schematic design through bidding and construction, all phases of your project will move efficiently and smoothly through our proven process.

-Brandon Runnels, Architectural Designer