Designing for the Urgent Care Market

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Urgent Care has grown into a massive industry with no signs of slowing growth. They are in development in urban centers, large towns, and even small towns across America. They provide a convenient and needed service to the local community, help bridge the gaps in primary care, and cost the patient less than a trip to the emergency room.

An urgent care may be a ground up facility, a retrofit of all kinds of buildings, or an inline space in a shopping center. No matter the space, it must accommodate the needs of its patients. There must be an understanding of the demographic you are trying to provide care for and the level of care your facility will offer.

The design of an urgent care must portray a welcome and calming environment, it must appear clean and efficient to its patients, and it must fit in with the local built environment. Often, it must reflect the Urgent Care brand so that is easily recognizable. Giving thought to appropriate color, lighting, flooring, and furnishings can increase the comfort level of the patient that is often there under stressful situations. Creating a brand identity for your urgent care assures the patient that they are part of a caring network of medical professionals.

JL Architects has worked with many medical professionals and clients to design a multitude of different health care facilities. We understand the needs of patients, the professionals that serve them, and the importance of brand recognition. Let us know if we can help with your next Urgent Care project!

-Joseph Kaye, Architectural Designer