Continuing Education for Architects – Why is it so Important?

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The field of architecture is constantly changing in this era of technology and innovation.  Programs are continually updated, building materials are becoming smarter, and technology is changing how we view the world.  At JL Architects, we continually learn through classes, online course work, and professional lunch and learns about industry changes and technologies that can impact buildings and improve our work product.

With greater technological advancements, rendering software has improved.  We now can create photo realistic images of our designs with 3D imaging.  We have gone from being able to show still images, to having models you can walk through to examine how the building will look and feel.  For architects, the walk throughs also allows us to view more components of the building, and its design.

We recently had a lunch and learn on the effects of daylighting and natural ventilation from VELUX.  We were shown how they are incorporating technology into their skylights. The course focused on the strategic placement of roof windows to optimize natural ventilation, create a healthy indoor climate, and improve daylighting in a space.  All manufacturers and suppliers are increasing the technologies they are using in their products.

As tech continues to advance in the built environment, our JLA team learns how to implement these improvements into our work.  Continuing education is not only a requirement for architects to maintain their licenses, but also a requirement to improve our work product for you, our clients.

-Alex Schleicher, Architectural Designer