Can Solar Panels Benefit your Business?

Solar Panels

All businesses, and of any kind can benefit from solar energy! Determining the array size and effectiveness is step one. Here is what you need to know:

1. Your solar array can be as small or as large as your structure / property will allow.

2. The amount of energy produced is attributed to many factors:

• The location of the property geographically. (North or South)
• Tree / obstacle coverage.
• Suns orientation to the building’s location.
• Surface area of roof top / ground that the array can be placed.
• Weather patterns, a more damp / cold environment will yield less energy due to rain / snow and cloud coverage.

There are 4 main types of panels. Here is how to select the best one:

1. Solar Shingles

• Pros: Low impact to design, can cover a vast amount of roof
• Cons: Limited to orientation of the roof so not all sides may get the shingles

2. Polycrystalline Solar panels

• Pros: Cost affective, very efficient energy production.
• Cons: Lower efficiency due to lower silicon purity. Need more coverage to produce same a other types.

3. Monocrystalline Solar panels

• Pros: Highest efficiency rate of all the types, space efficient.
• Cons: Higher Cost, extreme heat energy production is reduced.

4. Thin Film Solar panels

• Pros: Simple and cost effective to produce, can be made flexible, high temps and shade have less impact.
• Cons: Will degrade faster, Low space efficiency means higher cost for support structure / wiring

As you can see, each panel has its own unique benefits. Depending on your building’s construction type and your property size you can decide which suits your project’s goals and energy savings best.

At JL Architects, we have the experience and knowledge to guide your sustainable design choices, understanding how they will impact your market and construction methods, in addition to how they can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. JL can also offer you the opportunity to gain LEED and Green Globes Certifications through our professionally certified staff. Let us know how we can help,